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About Me! Who Am I?
Hi! I’m Judy Cohen, your Storytelling Coach.  In my 20+ year career in public relations,  I used storytelling  to successfully promote some pretty 'big deal' brands like Travelocity, Sabre, Coca-Cola Foods, Whole Foods, and Verizon as well as super niched and unique companies like non-profits (the ASPCA, the Multiple Sclerosis Society), and even Wilson Phillips... and a one-hit wonder rap artist (a story for another time).

I've always had an active imagination and loved to stretch the truth at times as a youngster (okay, maybe a little more than at times) BUT I quickly realized that it was my ability to craft a compelling story that resulted in big wins for our clients -- and raised the price of my time to a point where I could only work with the big brands that could afford me.

Eventually I got frustrated with agency life -- my passion was in helping Solopreneur Coaches find their voice and attract their audience -- and they just plain couldn't afford me.  So I left and never looked back.  Now I get to combine my talent for storytelling with my passion for helping the Solopreneur Coach FINALLY connect with their audience and create momentum.
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